Infrastructure and Facilities available:

1. The department has state – of – the – art laboratories and modern software tools in the areas of communication, DSP, Micro-controller, VHDL, Microprocessor, Embedded System, VLSI design etc.
2. All the class rooms UG/PG in the department are as per the AICTE norms well furnished and with multimedia projectors.
3. The department has exclusive library facility for the UG & PG students.
4. The following are research facilities in the department : NS-2,3, cadence, Xilnx,Lab view, Keil Software & Matlab etc.

The department has the following laboratories

Analog Electronics Lab equipments

Oscilloscope – 15 MHz (Philips PM 3206) CRO single trace – 15 MHz (3030 APLAB) Dual power supply – 30 V (7642 APLAB)
Component storage system High voltage power supply – 300 V / 1 A ( APLAB 7334) 489/1/, 0489/2 CRO – 15 MHz (3131 APLAB)
Multimeter - Motwane DC power supply – 0-60V / 5A – CC/CV (M.S. Systems) LCR Meter (4910 APLAB)
RPS - ( 7111 APLAB) Oscilloscope 25 MHz (SCIENTIFIC) SCR power supply – 15 – 300 V / 3 A APLAB-7321 (Slno. 994/338)
Power supply – ( 7212 APLAB) Mainframe (nf) (SCIENTIFIC) 4 IN 8
Sine wave generator
Function generator
Pulse generator
LC meter
Dual RPS – 0-30V/ 2A (UNITRON)

Logic Design Lab equipments:

IC tester - RC 4024D 10 MHz Pulse generator - APLAB Digital IC Trainer Kit - Digitrack -DIT03
Scientific Oscilloscope HM203 M 30 MHz With delay sweep Function generator 2 MHz - APLAB Digital multimeter - Kamal Electronics - RISH
Scientific Oscilloscope HM203 G 30 MHz Without delay sweep Regulated Power supply(0-32V/2A) L3202 - APLAB Digital multimeter - Kamal Electronics - RISH
Auto digital IC Tester - SYSTRONICS Digital IC Trainer Kit - MICRO LOGICS - ML5557 Function generator 2 MHz - APLAB

HDL Lab equipments:

Xilinx 14.1 version. FPGA & CPLD Evaluation board 32 Channel Pattern Generator cum Logic Analyzer – LG-320 Stepper Motor Interface
(Card & one Motor)
Power supply for motor
Dual DAC Interface
D C Motor Controller Interface
Temperature Control Interface
Eprom Eraser, UV light source for erasing EPROMs - ESA UVE Xilinx ISE foundation university licensed edition with Modelsim Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (60Mhz) – TDS1002 – Tektronix
Power supply 5V, 1A – TK-PS Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (40Mhz) – TDS1001B - Tektronix

Microcontroller Lab equipments:

Microcontroller Trainer ESA 51E 8051/251 Single Board Computer/Evaluation board with power adpter KEIL software - c51 professional developes kit
Power Adopter power backup for Ram PIC 16F84 microcontroller development & Trainer board with on board programmer +Interface Module Single chip microcontroller kit
KITCOMP PC Keyboard PIC 16F877 microcontroller development & Trainer board with on board programmer + Interface Module Power Supply
Intelligent Universal Programer General purpose interface Module 4 Digit 7 Segment
LCD Interface DC Motor Interface Power Supply +/- 12v
Calculator IFK board Stepper Motor Interface 6 Digit 7 Segment
Dual DAC Elevator Interface 4 X 4 matrix Hex Keypad
16 Channel 8 bit ADC Single Chip MCU Trainer TXDR Interface using PT100
Dual DAC & Elevator Interface Stepper Motor Interface DC Motor Interface

Analog / Digital Communication Lab equipments:

Multimeters MOTWANE MK III Microwave bench & components SICO CASTER AUTOMATION Power supply – 0-15V / 0-1A
Low distortion Signal generator 2014 Milli ammeter MR 100 m A Digital Linear IC Trainer kit 5001
Scientific Oscilloscope – HM203M 30MHz With delay APLAB Power supply 7112 Digital Linear IC Trainer kit LDT 2001
Auto digtial IC Tester 902 PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 60Mhz Scientific Oscilloscope – HM203G 30MHz Without delay
Microwave Bench with accessories Klystron set up PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 150 Mhz Fibre Optic Trainer Kit – Falcon make
a. Fibre link – B fibre optic trainer kit
b. RS-232 Interface
c. 20 Mts. Plastic Fibre
Gun diode setup PHILIPS Oscilloscope – 20 Mhz Analog communication Radio Rx kit
a. ACL – 01 AM TX Kit
b. ACL – 02 AM DeMOD RX Kit
c. ACL – 03 FM TX Kit
d. ACL – 04 FM DeMOD RX Kit
TDS 1002 2 Channel Digital storage Oscilloscope HP 54501A Digitising Oscilloscope – 100Mhz Digital communication trainers
DPSK & Power supply
QPSK & Power supply
DCL – 08 PAM/PWM/PPM Mod & Demod Kit (Falcon Make) with power supply DCL – 02 TDM PAM De modulation Kit with power supply (Falcon Make) DCL – 01 Analog Signal sampling and reconstruction Kit (Falcon Make) with power supply

DSP Lab equipments:

PCs with Fixed/Floating point DSP Processors (Kit/Add-on Cards) MATLAB with Simulink and Signal Processing Tool Box, Function Generators & CRO

Microprocessor Lab equipments:

8086/8088 Microprocessor Trainer with onboard Keypad and LED Display - ESA 86/88-2 Stepper Motor Interface with Stepper Motor & power adapter model – 1F – STEP with FRC cable Calculator type Keyboard interface, Model :IF – KBD with FRC cable
In-Circuit Emulator for 8086/88 - ESA ICE-2 with SMPS Power Supply - ESA PS M2 PC ADD-ON CARD: 48-lines I/O card with 3, 16 bit programmable timers Model– ESA PCI-DIOT with Logic controller Interface 4 – Digit, 7 segment LED Display Interface Model – IF DIS with Printer interface cable with FRC cable

VLSI Lab Software:

CAD tools from Cadence for top-down and bottom-up design methodologies:

(180nm & 45nm Standard-cell library)

VHDL/Verilog (Design capture) NC-VHDL/NC-Verilog (Simulation) BuildGates (Logic Synthesis)
Design Planner and PKS (Floor planning) Silicon Ensemble (Placement and Routing) Design for testability.
Design for signal integrity. Pearl (Timing closure) Envisia (Clock tree generation)
HyperExtract (Parasitic extraction) Dracula (DRC)

Power Electronics Lab equipments:

Second Order System Rheostats Control Half Wave Rectifier And F.W.R
IGBT & MOSFET Characteristics Unit [Ig & Mfet Char] Inductive Load SCR Turn Off Circuit
Ramp And Pedestal Firing Ckt [R&P FIR Ckt] D.C Motor Control Unit Generation Of Firing Signal For Thyristor A)Digital Firing Ckt B)Using Micro Control C)Using M.P
Parallel Inverter [Invt.P] A.C Motor Control Unit Ujt Firing Ckt
Series Inverter [Invt.S] Speed Control Of Stepper Motor Digital Firing Ckt
PID Controller Chopper Voltage Impulse Singal Phase Isolation Transformer
D.C Position Control System Full Wave Fully Control Rectifier Universal Motor Control (.5hp)

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