Students Achievements

  • Mr Ashok D R 2012-2016 of batch is admitted to IISC, Bangalore.
  • Mr Anantha Narayanan R of 2012-2016 batch is admitted to IISC, Bangalore.
  • Mr. Srinivas Gowda R of 2008-2012 batch has secured 105th rank of UPSC examination (IAS) - 2015.
  • SHEETAL A S has secured "Jain University Gold Medal" and VTU 3rd rank;
  • Balachandra S has secured VTU 5th rank.
  • Shruthi P has secured VTU 9th rank.
  • Chandana K N has secured "Gold medal" VTU 1st rank in PG- VLSI
  • Bhargavi D K has secured VTU 2nd rank PG-DEC.

Award won by students

Sl. NO. Name of the student Event place/year Event Award
1 Sharath M K, Utkarsh Siddu, Sudarshan S, Yathish M IIT Bombay/ 2013 Grid master Іst place
2 Sharath M K, Shiva Sri Krishna Donthi, Utkarsh Siddu, Sudarshan S, Yathish M IIT kharagpur/2013 ACROSS, ROBOTIX II Place
3 Harsha S,Harsha K Cadence Bangalore/2012-13 VlSI design 6 th Place
4 Kiran kanchi R IISc Bangalore / 2015-16 RC car racing Іst place
5 Royston B M C Bangalore/2015 Cobalt skies Іst place
6 Prakriti appia,Nikita.S, Nidhishree B.H B I T / Bangalore 8 th KSTA Annual conference On Science & technology for GenNext URBAN SPACE ІInd place
7 Ashish G, Adithya T G B M S Engg college Bangalore/2015-16 Home automation workshop Participation
8 Rakesh V dhotre, Pratik Jaiswal B I T IEEE students branch Bangalore/2014-15 Workshop on technical writing & publishing Participation
9 Aditya Bijoor B I T Bangalore/2015-16 Rig IT to win IT II Place
10 Rakesh V dhotre B I T IEEE students branch Bangalore/2015-16 Workshop on Python Participation


In Electronics and communication Engineering department nearly 100% placement in each year.

Electronics and Communication Students Association Objectives

  • To instill in the students a passion towards the subjects studied in E&C engineering and drive them towards the practical implementation of the theoretical concepts.
  • To become an idea hub and come up with move futuristic project ideas.
  • To encourage and nurture students to think beyond.
  • To become a good techno cultural club having a combination approach towards involving all the interdisciplinary streams of engineering and conducting workshops that help the students to become a complete engineer.
  • To recognize and encourage the excellence of students and help them in enhancing their technical knowledge on the subject.
  • To build a harmony and educative relation between the students and teachers there by providing a platform exchange of new ideas by students and share the valuable experience of teachers.
  • To act as a venue for the students to explore their individual sense of self and help them to learn, develop and grow as an competent engineer both with social responsibility.
  • To enhance the industry institute interaction by bridging the gap pertaining to advance in the filed of electronics.
  • To make students assertive and equip with leadership qualities.
  • To cultivate the culture to organize and manage conferences/ talks for the overall development of each student.

Electronics and Communication Students Association was started on 09.03.2004 under the flagmanship of our former head of the department Prof. M.J.Shanthiprasad along with Prof.K.C.Chandrashekarappa and Prof. Bhagirathi.N.M
The activities conducted by the founder staff and student co-ordinators such as Aurindam Jana, Sunny Kaul were, ECSA website, Two newsletters ‘EC-SAP’ per semester, Aptitude Test, inter collegiate Technical Fest and Guest Lecture from Industry professionals.
Subsequently this association was developed from infancy to an adult by Prof. K.Nirmala Kumari, Prof Karunavathi, Dr.A.M.Vijaya Prakash with lot of interaction with students ECSA became a full fledged student organization when a board of direction was elected.
ECSA has stretched its arms in diverse fields such as conducting workshops in robotics annually in par with technology, training students for placement in coordination with Alumni, arranging various Technical talks by experts from Industries & IISC. ECSA also encouraged students to participate in workshops at IITs all over India. ECSA was also involved in NGO activities.
Currently Dr. A.B.Kalpana, Prof. S.L. Mukthi as well as Dr. A.R.Hemanth Kumar and Prof H.S.Veena are the coordinators of ECSA.

ECSA Events during the year 2015 - 2016

ECSA conducted line follower robot action packed event during Manthan 2015. With a total of 11 teams participating, this event was a huge success. Participants carried home huge cash prizes, worth of Rs. 7000 for winner and Rs. 4000 for runners respectively.
The 1st Round required the participants to build an autonomous line follower robot. In the round 2 the robot of 1st round had to be modified to an obstacle avoiding line follower robot.
The final round, needs the robot had to be modified into a remote controlled robot which need to navigate through an arena.

Seminar / Workshop
PRISM (29th August 2015)

As the title suggests, PRISM brought together a mélange of events. The platform of ECSA was extended to its new members, awell intended, cheerful atmosphere was forged and the carefully organized events were met with sheer enthusiasm. Prism saw vivacious participation and succeeded in capturing the attention of the audience.

Line Follower workshop using ARDUINO (12th -13th September 2015)

Technology brings with it the potential to unarm new possibilities and realize new ideas. As a first step to tap this potential ECSA organized a workshop to build and code for a line follower robot using Arduino. The workshop enhanced the technical knowledge and skills of the ardent students. Starting from the fundamentals, the software and hardware aspects of the bot were dealt with tactful.

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